Near By Destinations
Visakha Steel Plant
One of the largest of its kind in Asia, which a huge pivotal roll in India’s economy is just 9kms. away from this venture

Duvvada Railway Station
It is just 5. 5 kms. away from this project and would be the greater mode of transportation and it’s the 2nd largest playing its major roll in this industrial cordon, fulfilling the needs of NO. of industries such as Steel plant, VEPZ, etc.

The Visakha Export Processing Zone
The visakha Export Processing Zone, which is prominent venue for yielding huge forgien exchange reserves to our country is only 5 kms away from the project. Various companies comprising textiles, computers, hardware etc. Joined together, exporting their products to varies countries, as well as exchanging their services among them is a welcome atmosphere for marketability. This indicates the largest scope for the city’s economic growth at the shortest span.

Software Zone
Yet other jewel in the city of multitude economic development Satyam, Wipro, IBM, Infosys , etc. Are the new source of economy which will create a new shape to the city of Sea and Beaches.